Excellence in acute cardiac care (急性期循環器治療に関する研究会)グローバルセミナー


2014年春に世界中から多くの医療専門職とオピニオンリーダーが、この「Excellence in acute cardiac care(急性期循環器治療に関する研究会)」セミナー参加のために南フランスに集まりました。この学術セミナーは、欧州心臓病学会(European Society of Cardiology:ESC)のAcute Cardiovascular Care Association (ACCA: 急性心血管治療協会)により承認されています。


喜ばしいことに、欧州の心臓病雑誌「European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular Care」の増刊として、Excellence in acute cardiac care が出版されました。


この学術セミナーは録画されており、Acute Cardiovascular Care Association から視聴することができます。 


Understanding troponin testing(トロポニン検査について)






Evolution of the definition of MI


K. Thygesen – Aarhus University, Denmark


Troponin – Serial measurements


A. Jaffe – Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA


Comparison of troponin assays


F. Apple – Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA


Impact of hs troponin on the ED


M. Moeckel – Charite University Hospital, Berlin, Germany


Critical review of troponin at POC


P. Venge – University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden


Co-existence of POC and central lab troponins


M. Plebani – University Hospital, Padova, Italy



Understanding natriuretic peptide testing(ナトリウム利尿ペプチドについて)


Natriuretic peptides - A cardiologist view


C. de Filippi - University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD, USA


Natriuretic peptides - An ED doctor view


P. Ray - Tenon Hospital, Paris, France


Natriuretic peptides in renal disease management


B. Frye - Center for Kidney and High Blood Pressure Diseases, Muenster, Germany


How to implement a sustainable LEAN culture(持続可能なLEANの実施方法)


LEAN Presentation


A. Wallseth – General Manager, Radiometer UK and Ireland


LEAN – Real life story


V. Lindenau-Stockfisch – Paul Gerhardt Diakonie Hospital and Care, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany


Keys to successful implementation of point-of-care testing(POCT成功の鍵)


Implementation of POC Cardiac Markers (+IT)


P. Wilke - Klinikum Frankfurt, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany


Implementation of POCT quality standards to optimize the clinical process reliability


P. Luppa – Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry, Munich, Germany


Critical review of pre-analytic variables for blood gas and immunoassay testing(血液ガスと免疫検査の測定前変動要因の重要なレビュー)


Pre-analytics in blood gas and immunoassays


G. Salvagno – University Hospital, Verona, Italy



The seminar was approved by the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association of the ESC.